Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ikea warms my heart

You may or may not know that hubby and I have been spending the last few years slowly updating our 1970's home.  The home was really built in the 50's, but the decor hadn't been touched since the 70's.  I never saw as much brown as I have in this house, brown walls, brown carpet, brown shag carpet, brown name it.  We've never really renovated a home before so we are learning as we go.   I'll have to catch you up to speed with all the projects, but for now let's talk about Ikea.   I love me some Ikea.   During a recent trip this vanity caught my eye.

This vanity would be for a small bath that is off the master.  It's a pretty tiny bathroom so I want to make it feel as light and airy as possible.  I just love the size of this sink and the frosted doors. I looks pretty modern, but I think it could work in that space.  I also purchased the small cabinet that goes with it because I like to have things organized and

I have an idea of doing the wall behind this vanity in all glass mosaic tile.  Like this one:

Yes, we have never installed tile before.  What's there to learn...LOL  Ummmm.  I'm sure a ton.  Thank goodness for google and diy shows.  And of course the hubby. I will post a picture when we start it and the finished product.

Until next time..........

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