Sunday, July 8, 2007

My first card challenge

So, I like to read blogs. This weekend I thought why not create a blog myself. So I did.

Besides scrapbooking (although lately it's more like scrapshopping :) ) I've been really into making cards. I know, I take a lot longer than Hallmark. And, I know I put a ton of my heart into it. Sometimes I even hate to give them away, but I know I must.

I had to make a thank you card for my bosses (my regular day job) and figured why not try a challenge.

With that said, I decided to try Beate's weekend sketch challenge.

Here is a copy of the card I made based from her sketch/tutorial:

I wasn't sure how to properly photograph this. This first picture is it laying on my kitchen table.

This is it sitting on a pretty stand... Does it look prettier? LOL

The inside...

Part of a baby shower Gift

I made this for my friend, Michele, who is expecting a beautiful baby at the end of July.
She, along with the rest of the attendees at the baby shower, loved it.
That makes it all worthwhile.

This is boquet I made for my mother in-law....

Of course, this was made using the cricket. I just love that machine.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

First Post

Act and Scrap!!!

My two favorite things to do, act and scrap.

I created this blog so that I may post comments on all the sites of the wonderful, amazing, talented artists.

Scrapbookers are such artists. For me, it's almost like a meditation.

This is some of my work: