Sunday, July 27, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

Beautiful fake plant. Is that an oxymoron?

These are the awesome bases of the slide out drawers that come from the Container Store.

I later have purchased 3 other ones, again at $5 each.

Considering the Container store has them for a TON more, not to shabby.

Thread holder $2

$3. I had walked away b/c she wouldn't come down on price. I liked it, but I didn't have to have it. When she went down to $3. I had to have it.

Foliage $4

More foliage; this one cascades. $4

This came from Goodwill $2.50

My crystal collection:

Goodwill $1.75

This one was from Goodwill. $1.50


Bowls. These were hard to find. Most people want to much for them. I believe I got this one for

This piece was so heavy and cute.
I will flip it over and use it as a candle holder.
Best part $.50 cents.

I got two of these lamps at a garage sale. $5 each.
The wine holder I got for free.

My husband convinced me that this would replace the all expensive bind it all. I'm not so sure yet, but we'll see. She wanted $20. However, it was the end of he garage sale and so she practically begged us to take it at $5.

I don't necessarily love this print. I do love the frame. $2.

This was free. I added the tea lights. It is a fountain as well so I need to find a power cord for it.

Nice black lamp. $5.

A couple of items in this picture are garage sale finds.
The lamp which as a beautiful base. $3.
The plant in a basket. $5.
The table TV trays with the rack that holds them all. $7.

$3 for this really cool piece. I also got a TON of decorating books at this sale that were hardcover and $2 each. I regret not spending more time at this sale. It was mostly girl stuff so hubby was ready to get other sales.

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